58 minutes long, the documentary Empowerment or Exploitation: Life as a Sex Worker, explores both the anti-sex work and pro sex worker sides of the sex trading industry.

Featuring interviews with and speeches from:

  • Salena
  • Carol Leigh (Scarlot Harlot)
  • Christine Stark
  • Chong Kim
  • Professor Robert Brem
  • Tracy Gaines
  • and more

Subjects addressed:

  • childhood abuse (trigger warning: explicit stories shared)
  • independently contracted work
  • economic and financial pressures
  • full service sex work
  • mental health and wellness
  • sex trafficking
  • sexual assault and rape (trigger warning: explicit stories shared)
  • and more

Great Quotes from this documentary:

"So I’m paying $40 to go to work… standing on the most uncomfortable shoes… and many girls have days like that, but so what? We all have good days and bad days." - Salena

"The solutions to the problems in prostitution, unfortunately, are the solutions to other problems in society: the problems of poverty and war and that’s what negatively impacts people involved in prostitution." - Scarlot Harlot


"As long as there’s economic disparity in our society, there’s going to be problematic prostitution." - Scarlot Harlot


"There’s no one story that encapsulates why women take this work?" The Producer, Jo Streit, asks.

"No. There is desperation, there is needs, there is liberation, there is … needing to raise your kids, needing to get your school finished.. needing to also find some approval… needing to prove to themselves they are beautiful… there are many different reasons." - Salena


"I just tell people the truth: I’m black… they took away affirmative action. Now they don’t have to give us anything." - Tracy Gaines


"It’s sacred, like a priestess’ work." - Salena



Daredevil outlaws. The Mexican drug war. All night trips on small fishing boats called “pangas” that smuggle migrant workers & marijuana into the United States. This is Baja Smugglers. (Links to parts 2-4 below)

Here’s a great short about a small film company in Grand Rapids, MI, an emerging art-centric city, called Gorilla Pictures — I really like how they tell stories.

Rapha is proud to present the Rapha Continental Movie. An account of the project’s 2010 travels through North America.​rapha-continental


A soda hero spreading the joy of independently owned manufacturers denouncing the use of high-fructose corn syrup. A dream come true.

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