A film following young writer Zachary German in the wake of the release of his first novel, Eat When You Feel Sad (Melville House Press, 2010).

Adam Humphreys’s new documentary, Shitty Youth, which shares a name with German’s possibly defunct “radio show”/podcast, portrays German as a willfully difficult or potentially alienating person socially who is very attuned to style and taste, the author of one novel, Eat When You Feel Sad, which got good attention and praise, who has released almost no writing since, in part because much writing, including his own, is not up to his very high standards.” - Review at htmlgiant.

Director Interview at Vice (08/11/2012)


The Lonesome Crowded West


Modest Mouse



A brief history of John Baldessari, narrated by Tom Waits.


with Fran Lebowitz

directed by Martin Scorsese

in 2010




An Academy Award winning film on the actual reasons for the United States’ Invasion of Panama in December 1989.

Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1986)

Enough said.

Pumped Up About Democracy! (2004)

Directed by Travis Irvine

In 2004, Americans looked to Ohio to decide the Presidential election, particularly to young people. This is what the youth had to say during Halloween, three days before the election.

The American Dreamer (1971, by L.M. Kit Carson and Lawrence Schiller) is a documentary about Dennis Hopper, filmed while he’s producing The Last Movie.

Born Rich, 2003 dir. Jamie Johnson

Moderately attractive white people wearing nice clothes and jewelry are gathered in what appears to be a rented Gazebo for the 21st birthday party of the narrator / director Jamie Johnson, heir to the Johnson and Johnson fortune. We see Jamie alone, dressing himself in a tuxedo in a small study. An upbeat jazz song is playing. People are drinking champagne. With a slight lisp, Jamie tells us that at midnight he will inherit more money than most people can spend in a lifetime. He walks out into the party…

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