When I was crossing the aisle in a parking lot with three friends, a man honks at my sister for walking and texting — apparently she was not focusing on walking fast enough for him. Long story short, the driver and I were cursing at each others at the top of our lungs. In front of kids. I was surprised that exchange did not end in violence.

The lingering memory of the incident was more hurtful than had I been punched. I could not believe I behaved the way I did. What had came over me to yell obscenities in public. It was embarrassing to show my face to those peers present that day.

That day could have ended differently. I hope to have learned a lesson from it.

Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity

EDIT: New link for the video.

(Source: youtube.com)


A brief history of John Baldessari, narrated by Tom Waits.


with Fran Lebowitz

directed by Martin Scorsese

in 2010


Occupy WHAT Street?

A short documentary questioning the location, not motives, of the Occupy movement in New York City.

Panaman Pictures presents


an upcoming documentary film about Andy Warhol’s influence on students of the Warholian arts.



An Academy Award winning film on the actual reasons for the United States’ Invasion of Panama in December 1989.

I’ve been watching Conan since 6th grade (1996). A very positive influence amid all the mindless junk adolescence is fed. Related: The Wedding of Scott and David

Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1986)

Enough said.

Pumped Up About Democracy! (2004)

Directed by Travis Irvine

In 2004, Americans looked to Ohio to decide the Presidential election, particularly to young people. This is what the youth had to say during Halloween, three days before the election.

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