Official trailer of the new documentary BY MY SIDE [A MI LADO] about three young women living in the Chureca, the largest garbage dump in Central America. For more information and to request a screening:


On an unrelated note, I wanted take a moment to highlight a project I’ve been working on the for the past several months. On the Grid is a podcast focused on design’s effect on the world, and the world’s effect on design. If you have an interest in design, please consider giving it a listen and subscribing and checking out our subreddit.

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Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (2012) - The documentary focuses on Ai Weiwei, an international artist best known for the Bird’s Nest, the Beijing Olympic building. However, he is a controversial figure living in China who is a domestic critic.

Against a backdrop of strict censorship and an unresponsive legal system, Ai expresses himself and organizes people through art and social media. In response, Chinese authorities have shut down his blog, beat him up, bulldozed his newly built studio, and held him in secret detention.”

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Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011) - A documentary that focuses on Jiro, an 85-year old sushi chef who has two sushi-only restaurants, one of which has a three star Michelin rating. This film is shot with such elegance and brings out the vibrant nature of the art of sushi.

A film following young writer Zachary German in the wake of the release of his first novel, Eat When You Feel Sad (Melville House Press, 2010).

Adam Humphreys’s new documentary, Shitty Youth, which shares a name with German’s possibly defunct “radio show”/podcast, portrays German as a willfully difficult or potentially alienating person socially who is very attuned to style and taste, the author of one novel, Eat When You Feel Sad, which got good attention and praise, who has released almost no writing since, in part because much writing, including his own, is not up to his very high standards.” - Review at htmlgiant.

Director Interview at Vice (08/11/2012)


Fried Shoes and Cooked Diamonds, “an hour-long color movie at Jack Kerouac School of Poetics, Naropa Institute, Boulder, Colorado 1978 summer, a serious and spontaneously filmed account of conversations and teachings of home scenes of myself, poets Peter Orlovsky, William S. Burroughs, Anne Waldman, LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka), Diane di Prima, Timothy Leary, Daniel Ellsberg and Gregory Corso and Lama Chogyam Trungpa - including conversation, singing, nakedness, meditation, student Poets, and readings, & Nuclear Protest arrests.”


Searching for West

A short Doc about hunting and its importance.

Great soundtrack.





5 minutes


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What does it mean to be an American? What does it mean to be a Juggalo? Director Sean Dunne got nosey at the dark carnival.

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