Junk food is engineered to be addictive - The science behind making the food that’s so bad for us taste so good…VIDEO

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Veterans On Killing, an eight-part documentary by Zach P. Skiles. (Part 8 of 8)

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58 minutes long, the documentary Empowerment or Exploitation: Life as a Sex Worker, explores both the anti-sex work and pro sex worker sides of the sex trading industry.

Featuring interviews with and speeches from:

  • Salena
  • Carol Leigh (Scarlot Harlot)
  • Christine Stark
  • Chong Kim
  • Professor Robert Brem
  • Tracy Gaines
  • and more

Subjects addressed:

  • childhood abuse (trigger warning: explicit stories shared)
  • independently contracted work
  • economic and financial pressures
  • full service sex work
  • mental health and wellness
  • sex trafficking
  • sexual assault and rape (trigger warning: explicit stories shared)
  • and more

Great Quotes from this documentary:

"So I’m paying $40 to go to work… standing on the most uncomfortable shoes… and many girls have days like that, but so what? We all have good days and bad days." - Salena

"The solutions to the problems in prostitution, unfortunately, are the solutions to other problems in society: the problems of poverty and war and that’s what negatively impacts people involved in prostitution." - Scarlot Harlot


"As long as there’s economic disparity in our society, there’s going to be problematic prostitution." - Scarlot Harlot


"There’s no one story that encapsulates why women take this work?" The Producer, Jo Streit, asks.

"No. There is desperation, there is needs, there is liberation, there is … needing to raise your kids, needing to get your school finished.. needing to also find some approval… needing to prove to themselves they are beautiful… there are many different reasons." - Salena


"I just tell people the truth: I’m black… they took away affirmative action. Now they don’t have to give us anything." - Tracy Gaines


"It’s sacred, like a priestess’ work." - Salena



Daredevil outlaws. The Mexican drug war. All night trips on small fishing boats called “pangas” that smuggle migrant workers & marijuana into the United States. This is Baja Smugglers. (Links to parts 2-4 below)


Meet The 17-Year-Old Who Blew The Lid Off Racial Profiling With His iPod

"We’re going to go out there and violate some rights." Hear the secret police recordings that will take your breath away. In a bad way.


When I was crossing the aisle in a parking lot with three friends, a man honks at my sister for walking and texting — apparently she was not focusing on walking fast enough for him. Long story short, the driver and I were cursing at each others at the top of our lungs. In front of kids. I was surprised that exchange did not end in violence.

The lingering memory of the incident was more hurtful than had I been punched. I could not believe I behaved the way I did. What had came over me to yell obscenities in public. It was embarrassing to show my face to those peers present that day.

That day could have ended differently. I hope to have learned a lesson from it.

Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity

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What’s Revenge is a hybrid-documentary about the act of getting revenge. The film follows director Kat Hunt as she helps her friend, Erica, avenge her past heartbreaks — in real life — in Brooklyn, New York.

This project was successfully funded on Kickstarter:

AMERICAN BEAR - An Adventure in the Kindness of Strangers

Here’s a great short about a small film company in Grand Rapids, MI, an emerging art-centric city, called Gorilla Pictures — I really like how they tell stories.

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